Oil attack puts Nigeria in sticky place

Jun 29, 2009
Oil prices were dropping until a major militant group in Nigeria said it attacked a Royal Dutch Shell oil platform. Gretchen Wilson reports there are questions about whether Nigeria's government can quell the violence.
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Iraqi oil contracts have barrels of risk

Jun 26, 2009
Iraq will soon begin auctioning off new contracts for its old fields. The country has one of the largest oil reserves in the world. But there are risks. Jeff Tyler reports.
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Speculation suddenly drives oil higher

Jun 10, 2009
Sales statistics in China and other factors are contributing to a rise in oil prices. Some analysts say that speculative momentum could drive the price of oil to $80 a barrel within a week. Stephen Beard reports.
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GOP to push for domestic oil drilling

Jun 10, 2009
House Republicans plan to unveil a new energy plan they're calling the "all of the above" solution for energy independence. The proposal calls for domestic energy production, aka "Drill, baby, drill." Sam Eaton reports.
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When will gas-price rise run out of fuel?

Jun 9, 2009
Gas prices are starting to move up again, raising some fears about their impact on the economic recovery. Should we be worried? Bob Moon reports.
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Fed explores the big fracking deal

Jun 8, 2009
The oil drilling technique known as hydraulic fracturing, or "fracking," is under federal scrutiny this week. The oil industry says reversing the process could add big fees and hinder exploration. Sam Eaton reports.
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Oil has likely seen its summer peak

Jun 2, 2009
The average price of a gallon of gas has shot up by about a dollar since January. But a new Saudi Arabian oil field is just one big reason consumers won't see prices climb any higher this season. Steve Henn reports.
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Storage one culprit of higher oil prices

May 27, 2009
Oil minister Ali Naimi says that global demand for crude is picking up, but analysts say we're not seeing much higher consumption, just higher storage. Stephen Beard reports prices could drop if world oil storage runs out.
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Can we keep gas prices down?

May 25, 2009
The U.S. has been vocal about oil lately with the prices recently rising. Steve Chiotakis talks to Carola Hoyos, chief financial correspondent for The Financial Times, about the effort to keep gas prices low so an economic recovery can take hold.
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Drivers aren't deterred by rising gas

May 22, 2009
Gas prices may be rising steadily, but vacationers are still driven to travel this Memorial Day weekend. Jeremy Hobson reports oil prices won't get much worse, and cost per gallon may actually go down this summer.
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