Why the trade deficit is growing

Aug 12, 2009
The U.S. June trade deficit rose 4% in June to $27 billion, and the cost of what we imported increased for the first time in almost a year. Alisa Roth explains why.
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Why oil prices are rising again

Aug 11, 2009
Oil prices are on the rise, which is driving up prices at the pump. But if we're in a recession and demand is weak, why aren't prices falling? Jill Barshay explains.
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Key needs for Africa's oil producers

Aug 10, 2009
Phillip Walker, senior editor with the Economist Intelligence Unit, talks with Bill Radke about issues in developing relations between the U.S. and African oil producers.
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Oil firms protest Nigerian overhaul bill

Jul 29, 2009
Legislation in Nigeria to overhaul energy may lead to higher tax rates for oil companies that operate in the Niger Delta. Sarah Gardner reports.
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Regulators may restrict energy trading

Jul 28, 2009
The Commodity Futures Trading Commission may impose trading limits on energy markets, particularly crude oil, natural gas and other products of finite supply, in an effort to curb financial speculators from driving prices higher like they have in the past. Sarah Gardner reports.
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BP losses make pretty good figures

Jul 28, 2009
European oil company BP reported second-quarter earnings were down by more than 50 percent compared to last year. But analysts say it could easily have been worse. Stephen Beard looks into why these are being considered decent numbers.
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High oil prices are good for U.S. culture

Jul 21, 2009
Fluctuating gas prices haven't caused too much change in the way we view energy. But if gas prices rise to $6, $10, or $12 per gallon, author Chris Steiner says the effects would change everything from the way we drive to how we shop.
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Poor demand pushes down price of oil

Jul 10, 2009
Oil prices dipped below $60 a barrel today, and some forecasters predict that gasoline prices will likely fall below $2.50 a gallon by the end of July. Bob Moon reports.
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How oil speculators make a profit

Jul 9, 2009
Oil is down from last week, but still a lot higher than it's been in recent months. That jump in price has had a lot to do with speculators. Bob Moon examines the role speculators plays in influencing oil prices.
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Why have oil prices been dropping?

Jul 7, 2009
The price of oil has fallen in European trading this morning for the fifth day in a row. Doubts about demand for fuel could be the main factor. Stephen Beard reports what investors are concerned about now.
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