Feds issue fracking rules for public lands

May 4, 2012
Companies will have to disclose the chemicals they use to force oil and gas out of the ground. But only after they extract them, not beforehand.
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The private empire of ExxonMobil

May 1, 2012
A new book explores the leadership in the mega oil company, and how it affected its image in the global economy and its views on climate change.
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More from Steve Coll on ExxonMobil

May 1, 2012
ExxonMobil, one of the biggest companies in the world, has battled scandal after scandal and shaped much of how power works in modern society. How did it get to the top?
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Delta buying oil refinery to help reduce costs

May 1, 2012
In a first for an airline, Delta plans to pay $150 million for an oil refinery in Pennsylvania in a effort to bring some order to its fuel prices. But even if Delta's oil refinery deal works out well, fares are probably not going to drop.
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Delta Air Lines is buying its own refinery

May 1, 2012
The airline has had enough of price hikes and supply interruptions. But whether the airline can run a refinery is another question.
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This is the oil business

Apr 20, 2012
Oil doesn't come from a gas pump, it comes from modern-day prospectors who depend on data ... and luck.
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Gas prices inch down, but for how long?

Apr 19, 2012
They always seem to come down slower than they went up, but gasoline prices are beginning to ease -- there could be more relief in sight.
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Housing starts drop, a crackdown on oil price manipulation

Apr 17, 2012
There was an unexpected drop last month in housing starts. Meanwhile, President Obama has plans to crack down on those who manipulate oil prices.
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President Obama targets oil price manipulators

Apr 17, 2012
President Obama announced a new crackdown on illegal manipulation of oil prices by traders. He's asking for stronger regulations, bigger penalties for violators and more cops on the regulatory beat.
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Obama wants toothier oversight of oil markets

Apr 17, 2012
The president wants $52 million to help the Commodity Futures Trading Commission shore up industry oversight, something analysts say will do little to oil prices.
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