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What's the BP quarterly report look like?

Jul 27, 2010
Easy Answer: BP says the spill will cost it $32 billion and CEO Tony Hayward is out October 1....
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Plug the BP oil spill! There's an app for that

Jul 19, 2010
Sure, the gusher in the Gulf is plugged, at least for now. But why don't you try your hand at saving the day? Enter the "Plug the BP Oil Spill!"...
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How are scientists measuring the size of the oil spill?

Jul 15, 2010
Easy Answer: They're estimating the volume of oil already in the ocean and working on establishing flow rates....
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You tell us: Should BP help pay for mental health costs related to the oil spill?

Jul 8, 2010
Gulf states have asked BP for millions of dollars to pay for mental health costs related to the oil spill. Should the company hand over the money?...
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Should we call the BP oil spill a "spill"? Or something else?

Jul 2, 2010
Easy Answer: Yes, it's a spill. But that hasn't kept people from trying to rename it....
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What's the government doing to test seafood from the Gulf to make sure it's safe?

Jul 2, 2010
Easy Answer: Sniffing it.  Eating it.  And testing it for chemicals....
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