OP-ED: Jobs creation was never at the top of the list for Obama

Sep 9, 2011
After the August jobs report was released, I said that President Obama blew it. This led to a deluge of comments, e-mails and vitriol. Over the c...
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Obama joins Foursquare

Aug 16, 2011
The President is now one of the 10 million users of the geolocation service that was supposed to be the next big thing and change everything...
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London: Pay up Mr. President

Jul 22, 2011
President Obama owes the city of London $193....
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Son of Strelka, Son of God. Voice of Barack Obama.

Jul 12, 2011
Dan Warren is creating stories based on snippets he pulls from the audio book version of the President's autobiography. It's a sort of word colla...
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Fox News Twitter hacked

Jul 5, 2011
What do we call that? Twhacked? Let's call it Twhacked. Fox News says one of its Twitter feeds was hacked and that's why the feed had several...
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Jul 1, 2011
That's the hashtag for a White House town hall to take place on July 6. President Obama will answer questions submitted via Twitter on a live...
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Obama goes bigger on social media

Jun 20, 2011
The 2012 presidential election will be fought in the trenches of social media and the Obama re-election campaign is going big and hard already. The...
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An attack is an attack regardless of the prefix "cyber", says the United States

May 17, 2011
So here's an interesting development in international diplomacy and online security. A newly issued report by the Obama administration, entitled...
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Your new online realtor: Barack Obama

May 16, 2011
We know he's busy but he would love to show you around some properties. It'll be fun, we'll go out on Saturday. Meet at Starbucks first, make a day...
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White House embraces Android too

Apr 22, 2011
Geez, took them long enough. The White House has had an iPhone app available since January of 2010 that's been downloaded 400,000 times. Now the...
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