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Nobel Prize in Economics winner Lars Peter Hansen on imperfect models

Dec 10, 2013
Nobel Prize in Economics winner Lars Peter Hansen discusses his work.
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Lawrence Klein, 93, pioneer of economic forecasting

Oct 22, 2013
Economist Lawrence Klein predicted that the U.S. economy would roar back after World War II.
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And the Nobel goes to: Rationality (and irrationality)

Oct 14, 2013
The three men awarded the Nobel Prize in economics are all involved in pricing and stock market indices.
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Nobel Prize in economics goes to three Americans

Oct 14, 2013
The trio has focused on the behavior of the stock market as well as the efficiency of markets.
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Nobel Peace Prize awarded to chemical weapons watchdog

Oct 11, 2013
The Nobel Committee's decision highlights the Syrian conflict.
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Why is it so hard to make a career as a short story writer?

Oct 10, 2013
Alice Munro's Nobel Prize for Literature is unusual in that she was a short story writer, rather than a novelist. How did she manage to make a career as a short story writer?
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Mark Zuckerberg will give you millions for science research

Feb 21, 2013
11 scientists are $3 million richer than they were earlier this week thanks to the new 'Breakthrough Prize' awarded by Silicon Valley tech titans including Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.
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The record of peace in the European Union

Dec 11, 2012
The European Union, and the euro -- for all its faults -- has been credited with keeping the continent relatively peaceful of late. And European peace is the subject of our quiz this morning.
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European Union wins Nobel Peace Prize

Dec 10, 2012
The European Union has been awarded this year's Nobel Peace Prize. The $1.2 million award has been welcomed by EU leaders, but some say the EU should not have received it.
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Shrunken Nobel Prizes to depend more on hedge funds

Dec 4, 2012
The Nobel Foundation's investments haven't done well, forcing the foundation to cut the size of its cash awards. Now it's increasing investments in hedge funds.
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