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New York


Heat wave puts pressure on power grid

Jul 6, 2010
There have been scattered power outages along the East Coast as the utilities try to manage record demand for power, during record high temperatures. It's been almost seven years since the last big blackout on the East Coast. And there have been lots of talks about upgrades, but how prepared are we? Alisa Roth reports.
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In New York, more taxes may be coming to close budget gap

Jun 24, 2010
New York Governor David Paterson has set a June 28 deadline for lawmakers to reach an agreement on a state budget covering the year that began...
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NY cigarette tax puffs up prices

Jun 22, 2010
The New York State legislature passed a bill that will increase taxes on cigarettes by $1.60. That could mean New Yorkers might pay upwards of $9 to puff. Cigarette taxes are an easy way to raise revenue, but Jeremy Hobson reports other states aren't racing to follow New York's lead.
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'Law & Order' cancellation hurts actors

May 14, 2010
NBC is ending long-running drama "Law & Order." Some spin-offs of the show will remain on the air, but the news is a big blow for actors in New York City. Jeremy Hobson reports.
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Parking rates go up, cities make bucks

May 4, 2010
Nobody likes paying for parking, but with city budgets tightening more municipalities are eying the parking meter as a source of new funds. Andrea Bernstein reports.
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NYC's green dividend saves city billions

Apr 26, 2010
New Yorkers have one-third the carbon footprint of the average American because most of them take the subway. That translates to a savings of $19 billion a year, most of which stays in the city. Andrea Bernstein reports.
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No more 'bar cars' on train to NYC

Apr 22, 2010
The Metro North line between New York City and Stamford, Conn. has a bar car that allows Wall Street types to have a commuter happy hour. But the state legislature is nixing them in favor of more seats. Jill Barshay reports.
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NYC doormen may strike at midnight

Apr 20, 2010
New York City's doormen could potentially walk out the door tonight in response to proposed benefit cutbacks by building owners. Jill Barshay explores the roles of doormen, who don't live the posh lives you might expect.
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Health law paves way to better living

Apr 15, 2010
The new health care bill sets aside $15 billion to help create healthier communities. Gregory Warner reports on how that money could make a difference in New York City's South Bronx.
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NYC's homeless may pay shelter rent

Apr 14, 2010
People in New York City who live in homeless shelters and have jobs may be forced to pay rent because of a rule the city is enforcing. Alisa Roth reports.
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