New Years

Champagne wishes and hangover-cure dreams

Jan 1, 2015
With New Year's Eve in the rear-view mirror, we tackle a timely topic: Hangover cures
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They put the digits in New Year's glasses

Dec 31, 2014
Inventors came up with glasses for New Year's 1991 but market was eventually flooded with knockoffs.
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Couples kiss after midnight in Times Square during the New Year's Eve celebration in New York City.

Cosmo and CoverGirl team up on New Year's Eve

Dec 8, 2014
Expect to witness "experiential advertising" while waiting for the ball to drop.
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Watermelon Oreos: A reason to remember 2013?

Dec 31, 2013
As we close out the year, we say goodbye to industry-changing successes like "Breaking Bad" and to new products no one wanted, like Watermelon Oreos.
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The tech behind the New Year's Eve ball drop

Dec 31, 2013
The big event is more sophisticated than you think.
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Controlling your weight, and your finances

Jan 2, 2012
There's a lot in common with money management and losing weight. Robert Brokamp, a certified financial planner, walks us through how he lost 25 pounds -- and why the same approaches work for paying off debt.
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What's your financial resolution for 2011?

Dec 4, 2010
Father Time is marching toward 2011 so we want to hear what the New Year is going to mean for your wallet, bank account, or retirement fund....
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