Twitter going public, but not yet profitable

Oct 4, 2013
Twitter plans to go public and trade shares under the ticket symbol "TWTR". More details about the company emerge as it has made public its papers for an S-1 Initial Public Offering.
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Twitter IPO rumors: NYSE not Nasdaq

Sep 24, 2013
Twitter’s a tech company, right? And tech companies list on the Nasdaq, right? So what the heck is Twitter doing listing on the NYSE?
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August is the month for high speed trading disasters

Aug 28, 2013
High speed trading is behind this month's errors in financial markets.
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120 seconds, a Nasdaq failure, and a mystery

Aug 27, 2013
What's behind last week's Nasdaq glitch?
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BATS + Direct Edge = giant stock exchange you've never heard of

Aug 26, 2013
The merger of BATS and Direct Edge will create the second-largest stock exchange in the U.S., passing the Nasdaq.

What happened on the Nasdaq anyway?

Aug 23, 2013
The Weekly Wrap on Nasdaq's major glitch on Thursday, plus looking ahead to the central bankers meeting at Jackson Hole.
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Nasdaq glitch: Why no backup?

Aug 23, 2013
The Nasdaq closure had nothing to do with rogue or erroneous orders. The system that shows stock prices failed.
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NASDAQ freezes, fears heat up, high speed trading here to stay

Aug 23, 2013
Chris Low, chief economist at FTN Financial, says glitches like this are bound to keep happening.
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NASDAQ takes an unforced lunch break

Aug 22, 2013
NASDAQ, the second-biggest stock exchange in the country, halted trading for about three hours due to a technical glitch.
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Nasdaq trading glitches ... and squirrels

Aug 22, 2013
There are fat finger trades, there are flash crashes and there are squirrels.
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