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From banker to janitor -- all in a day's work

Aug 1, 2012
To get herself out of debt, one banker had to take a very different kind of job.
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The drought to affect prices at the supermarket

Jul 25, 2012
Expect the prices for meat and dairy goods to rise as the Midwest drought continues.
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The costs of taking care of an elderly relative

Jul 11, 2012
Taking a look at how to provide for an elderly relative who is having trouble taking care of himself or herself.
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The 8% pension plan solution

Jul 4, 2012
Public pension funds are resorting to riskier investments in a bid to score returns high enough to give retirees their guaranteed payments.
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How personal finance is factoring into the election

Jun 27, 2012
In this installment of Money Matters, we look at the economics of democracy: whether our personal finances are having an effect in this year's major political election.
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Let's get physical. Oops, I mean financial!

Jun 25, 2012
Americans are more likely to rate themselves physically fit than financially healthy, a recent survey finds. Whip your finances back into shape with expert advice.
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The cost of fighting home foreclosure

Jun 20, 2012
As foreclosure filings start to rise again, homeowners must balance the costs -- financial and emotional -- of fighting eviction.
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Money Matters: Bank customers v. overdraft fees

Jun 12, 2012
A new study that finds Americans still paid $30 billion in overdraft fees last year despite efforts to curb them. Here are the facts you need to know.
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What to expect from gas prices in the short term

Jun 6, 2012
Gas prices may be a bit of bright spot in a dark and stormy world economy.
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Parents use stocks to teach kids about Wall Street

May 23, 2012
Some adults buy stocks for kids, less as an investment and more for a teaching tool.
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