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Get out of my head, man!: Scientist controls colleague's finger with mind

Aug 29, 2013
A researcher at the University of Washington sent a brain signal through the internet to move another man's finger.
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News about your brain controlling all sorts of crazy things.

Feb 7, 2012
I must not think bad thoughts
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TechNuggets: banned websites, Gore loses to Gorbachev, mind reading cars

Sep 29, 2011
Yesterday the American Association of School Librarians organized Banned Website Awareness Day. The New York Times quotes a Chicago librarian...
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Well, maybe you'd like to control a helicopter with mind. I don't know you. Maybe you're into that kind of thing. Who am I to judge?

Jan 14, 2011
A University of Minnesota researcher has created a brain-computer interface that allows a person to move a 3-D helicopter on a screen using just...
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Lucas suing Jedi Mind, Inc.

Aug 24, 2010
George Lucas is protecting the Star Wars legacy again.  This time, he's suing a company called Jedi Mind, Inc. They make a wireless headset that...
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