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Lady Gaga helps massive military data heist

Jul 9, 2010
John and I have been watching the story about Pfc. Bradley Manning unfold.  He's the soldier who's accused of leaking the video of a 2007 deadly...
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Help for aging parents-in-law

Mar 10, 2010
Question: My parents in law are 89 and 90 yrs old and have $300,000 in assets. My father in law is a retired military officer but if he dies, our...
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Military thrift plan

Oct 28, 2009
Question: Hi, I recently left active duty military service and am trying to decide what to do with my Thrift Savings Plan. I've got about $40k...
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Should I stick with mutual funds?

Feb 20, 2009
Question: In 2006 I decided that I would move my (significant) individual mutual fund holdings to a managed account with my investment firm (a...
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Keep funding 529 for daughters?

Feb 19, 2009
Question: Greetings Tess and Chris, I love the show. I'm a military officer, but since I graduated from a service academy, I was never eligible for...
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Tax-free alternative to 401(k)?

Feb 19, 2009
Question: Hi Chris, Really enjoy your show. I am a retired military living in Germany. I'm presently approaching 66 years old and am told I must...
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How to reduce student-loan payments?

Feb 19, 2009
Question: My husband has significant private student loans, about $100K, through Sallie Mae with above market interest rates. The current monthly...
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Successful strategy with IRA rollover

Feb 19, 2009
Question: I'm a Staff Sergeant in the US Army Reserves and spent most of 2008 in Iraq. One obscure maneuver I executed while there was to convert ...
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Sell property to invest in stocks?

Feb 19, 2009
Question: We are both 44 years old. Single income, Clay is in the military, we will probably be living overseas for another 7 years (until 2016)...
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How to consider military retirement?

Feb 19, 2009
Question: I retired from the US Army in 2004 after twenty years of active service with approximately $36,000 per year retirement benefit. The...
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