U.S. troops quit Iraq, but large U.S. presence remains

Dec 14, 2011
About 15,000 people will stay on under State Department auspices, including more than 10,000 contractors. Oversight could be a challenge.
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Military veterans and the current job market

Dec 2, 2011
Servicemembers return stateside to one of the worst job markets in history. Two veterans share their job-hunting stories: One who is still searching for a job and another who found work quickly after he retired from the military.
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Army successfully launches supersonic weapon

Nov 18, 2011
Faster than Speed Racer's Mach 5
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US ready to go to war. CYBER war, that is.

Nov 17, 2011
Whoa, see how I swerved you there? Still: yikes!
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Drone on

Nov 4, 2011
Until the spring of this year, drone attacks on targets in Pakistan were steadily climbing. On March 17 a CIA-ordered attack killed several...
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Obama issues executive order on security

Oct 7, 2011
President Obama is expected to announce a major executive order having to do with online security today. It's the culmination of a seven month...
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Sep 30, 2011
Look at that! It's a robot! But it's so much more! It's an ENORMOUS ROBOT DOG! They call it the Alpha Dog and it was developed for use by the mil...
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Pakistan gives China a peek under our stealth tech hood. Or did they?

Aug 16, 2011
The NY Times published a piece on Sunday about how Pakistan likely showed Chinese engineers the pieces of the American Black Hawk helicopter that...
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New plane could take you from New York to LA in 12 minutes

Aug 11, 2011
Today the U.S. Defense Advance Research Projects Agency tests the Falcon HTV-2, a new plane that can fly 4 miles per SECOND. "The Falcon started...
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Cotton is so yesterday. Army searches for technologically advanced fabric

Aug 2, 2011
According to Wired magazine, the Army is in the market for fabric that can change with temperature. "This 'environmentally responsive' material...
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