Windows 8 boss exits Microsoft in surprising shake-up

Nov 13, 2012
Steven Sinofsky, who was president of Microsoft's flagship product Windows, is leaving the company. His departure comes as a surprise, less than one month after the release of Windows 8.
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Tech's whirlwind week: Apple, Amazon, Microsoft

Oct 26, 2012
Tech stocks have had quite a day today and quite a week. Apple, Amazon and Microsoft are all in the spotlight for various reasons.
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Windows 8 launches, and how the internet is changing movie marketing

Oct 26, 2012
It's launch day for Microsoft's radical new operating system Windows 8. Many have already watched a good chunk of this weekend's new blockbuster, Cloud Atlas -- seven minutes worth.
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CEO Steve Ballmer on Microsoft's 'epic' week

Oct 25, 2012
The stakes couldn't be higher for Microsoft as the company launches Windows 8 and the Surface tablet. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer says the release is an epic moment for the company on par with Windows 95.
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Windows 8 gets design-heavy update, and TV gets 'second screen viewing'

Oct 25, 2012
When Microsoft proposes to radically change things, it is time to pay attention.
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Microsoft hits a snag with EU anti-trust complaint

Oct 24, 2012
The European Union is accusing Microsoft of failing to comply with an anti-trust agreement, meaning Microsoft could face a hefty fine.
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Windows 8: Will change be good for Microsoft?

Oct 24, 2012
This Friday, Microsoft will release it's new Windows 8 operating system which promises a whole new look and feel. How will the system changes play with individual consumers and businesses?
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Microsoft to unveil major Windows overhaul this week

Oct 22, 2012
The new Windows 8 operating system promises some big changes, including a radically different look. It could also mean having to relearn Windows.
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Weak ad revenue pulls Google down

Oct 19, 2012
Yesterday Google accidentally fired off its earnings announcement three hours ahead of schedule and profits fell quite short of expectations.
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Microsoft bets its future on tablets

Oct 19, 2012
Ahead of its much anticipated Windows 8 release, Microsoft is reporting a 22 percent decline in profit for the third-quarter.
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