Microsoft banning terrible passwords from Hotmail

Jul 15, 2011
You don't normally think of Hotmail as being the most forward looking web application. It's often accused of being clunky, spammy, just old and...
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It's Facebook "something awesome" day

Jul 6, 2011
Today's the day Facebook announces what has only officially been described as "something awesome". Therefore, among the possibilities: the '75...
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Microsoft cloud data policy ruffles Europe

Jul 6, 2011
Microsoft confirmed that data on its European servers can be handed over to American investigators because of the Patriot Act. This can be done wi...
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Good news for Android in new Comscore scores

Jul 6, 2011
We get these periodic reports from Comscore that indicate exactly where the trends are going in terms of personal electronics, particularly smartp...
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Microsoft and Baidu team up

Jul 5, 2011
Baidu is the dominant search engine in China and the fourth most visited web site in the world. Being in China, of course, means that Baidu censors...
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Windows Phone finally gets Angry Birds

Jun 29, 2011
So what, so it's a video game that's on a phone, big deal. Yeah yeah, I know. But I think this says a lot about Microsoft right now. Angry Birds...
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Microsoft getting all Googly with Office 365

Jun 28, 2011
As discussed on Marketplace Morning Report this morning, Microsoft is launching another effort to take on Google in the area of cloud computing, t...
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Myspace to lay off 150 people

Jun 28, 2011
If that was Microsoft or Google, you wouldn't think twice about it. But Myspace only has about 400 employees as of today and by end of day tomorrow...
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Mozilla walks away from Firefox 4, businesses

Jun 28, 2011
After all, the browser is three months old. How could Mozilla be expected to support a dinosaur like that?...
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"Kinect is amazing and everyone loves it. Let's put ads all over it!" - Microsoft

Jun 21, 2011
Okay, that's a bit of a paraphrase. Today Microsoft will announce NUads (short for natural user-interface ads) for the Xbox Kinect system. It lets...
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