Something called msnNOW exists

Feb 16, 2012
We may never know why
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Windows 8: Big changes, big challenges

Feb 13, 2012
Windows still runs more than three-quarters of the world's PCs. And the upcoming Windows 8 is about Microsoft using that existing heft to power its way onto smaller screens too.
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Microsoft customer accounts hacked by “evil shadow”

Feb 13, 2012
Sinister laughs heard for miles
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We know you probably don't care, but IT'S COMING!!! (Windows 8. Excited yet?)

Feb 9, 2012
The company has just set a firm date for unveiling the next big iteration.
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Windows 8 to kill off the Start button

Feb 7, 2012
Mourn ya til I join ya, Start
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Apple’s iPhone business is bigger than all of Microsoft

Feb 6, 2012
That iPhone. It caught on, didn't it?
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Kinect for Windows

Feb 2, 2012
More connections for Kinect
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Microsoft tries to capitalize on Google’s privacy issues

Feb 1, 2012
One person's crisis is another's opportunity
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Anti-phishing campaign unites major tech companies

Jan 30, 2012
It's the Do They Know It's Christmas of phishing!
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