Yahoo scores a coup and lands a top Googler

Jul 17, 2012
And goodbye to installed software: Microsoft Office is becoming a service.
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Microsoft expected to unveil new Office suite

Jul 16, 2012
Microsoft Office is the mainstay of the software company's business. Would a new version catch on with tablet and iPad users?
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NBC in talks to buy back Microsoft stake in

Jul 12, 2012
NBC is reportedly in talks to buy back Microsoft's chunk of, essentially ending their partnership. Originally the two companies went in together on the telvision news network and the website.
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The downfall of innovation at Microsoft

Jul 9, 2012
Microsoft used to be the tech industry leader, now it's playing catch up. Kurt Eichenwald has written about the state of the company in the August issue of Vanity Fair.
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Why companies practice 'stack rating'

Jul 6, 2012
The other day on its website Vanity Fair previewed an article about life at Microsoft. And it details a particular human resource practice that drove employees up the wall: something called "stack rating." What exactly is it?
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Microsoft takes write-down to make up for Internet losses

Jul 3, 2012
Bing is no boon, so Microsoft books a $6.2 billion charge and wipes out quarterly profit.
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Microsoft bets $1.2 billion on social networking for behind the firewall

Jun 26, 2012
Microsoft picks up Yammer to add business-friendly social networking software to its Office productivity software
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Microsoft unveils new Surface tablet

Jun 19, 2012
There's a new tablet in town. It's called the Surface, and it's Microsoft's answer to the iPad. But will the new product, complete with a keyboard and running Windows, be able to compete in the tablet market?
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Microsoft announces Surface tablet with few details

Jun 19, 2012
Microsoft's new tablet computer, the Surface, looks kind of like an iPad, but it runs Windows and has a keyboard. It was unveiled yesterday at a very Apple-esque event.
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Microsoft's big reveal

Jun 18, 2012
The company lifts the lid on something new today. But can anything make the tech giant relevant again?
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