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Kurt DelBene of Microsoft to run

Dec 18, 2013
The former Microsoft executive ran that company's Office product suite.
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Happy Birthday, MIDI and the New MS Office

Jan 30, 2013
A protocol that lets musical instruments talk to and trigger one another turns 30 years old today. MIDI is still used by the likes of dance-punk band !!!. It’s inventor Dave Smith explains its use. A new version of Microsoft Office turns purchasers into subscribers. And, the IRS has had a Tumblr for months, but it’s just now getting noticed.
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Things that billions of people use

Oct 4, 2012
Facebook has a billion users. What other things are in the 10-digit use territory?
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Microsoft expected to unveil new Office suite

Jul 16, 2012
Microsoft Office is the mainstay of the software company's business. Would a new version catch on with tablet and iPad users?
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Microsoft Office coming to the iPad?

Feb 21, 2012
Hopefully without Clippy
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