Directors offer Hollywood a package deal

May 7, 2007
Five Mexican movie directors are shopping themselves in a five-picture, all-or-nothing deal that could fetch $100-million. Lisa Napoli reports.
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E.U., Mexico join WTO complaint against China

May 2, 2007
Both nations want to put pressure on China to end widespread piracy, but Chinese officials say the move could damage trade relations if they decide to impose tariffs. Jeff Tyler reports.
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Keeping Mexicans home

May 1, 2007
While immigration is a problem for the U.S., Mexico has an emigration problem. Latin America expert Pamela Starr talks with Kai Ryssdal about the Mexican President Calderon's efforts to deal with it.
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Cash incentives for NYC's poor

Apr 26, 2007
New York mayor Michael Bloomberg wants to replicate a program being used in Mexico that offers cash incentives to poor families who meet certain goals, like keeping their children in school. Alisa Roth reports.
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Paulson continues Latin American outreach

Apr 24, 2007
Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson traveled to Mexico today to meet with officials about reducing poverty by making more capital available to small businesses. Dan Grech reports.
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Immigration backlash in Texas

Mar 22, 2007
While Washington might be looking for compromise on immigration, the Texas Legislature is considering bills that aim to make life tougher for illegal immigrants. Michael May reports.
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Another Mexican border to cross

Mar 14, 2007
For many illegal immigrants, the journey to the U.S. begins south of Mexico. But traffic across its Guatemalan border isn't one-way. There's a $10 billion contraband economy based on the loosely-patrolled perimeter.
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Mending fences, not building them

Mar 13, 2007
President Bush is in Mexico, meeting with President Felipe Calderon. Their conversation's turned to immigration reform and trying to keep Mexican workers at home. Dan Grech reports.
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A small price to pay for security

Mar 13, 2007
Mexican insurance companies are getting into the microfinance market. And Jordana Gustafson reports from Puebla, Mexico, that micro-insurance could be coming soon.
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Mexico in the middle

Mar 13, 2007
President Bush wraps up his Latin American tour in Mexico, where he hopes President Felipe Calderon will serve as the region's free market counterweight to socialist Hugo Chavez — but the scales may be tipping in the other direction.
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