Border control big for Bush budget

Feb 4, 2008
President Bush's fiscal plan for next year will focus on cutting health care programs, transportation and education. But there will be a substantial increase in border security. Dan Grech has more.
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U.S. avocado market ripe for Mexico

Jan 29, 2008
Because Mexico's avocado-growing season ends as the U.S. season starts, demand for the fruit is created year round. Dan Grech reports the U.S. views Mexico as a trading partner in avocados rather than competition.
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Tijuana crime scaring away tourists

Jan 9, 2008
A rise in violent crime in Tijuana has put a damper on American tourism, which the city relies on heavily. Dan Grech reports.
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Texas landowners cross over border

Jan 7, 2008
The government is asking landowners near the Texas-Mexico border to give access to their land to build a border fence at the risk of losing it. David Martin Davies reports many landowners are saying no.
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New IDs for Mexico's border control

Jan 7, 2008
Mexico will soon be issuing electronic identity cards to combat security issues at borders. Dan Grech reports the solution is part of a plan to regularize a database of those who consistently cross over.
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NAFTA deadline for Mexican sugar

Jan 2, 2008
When NAFTA took effect in 1994, Mexican sugar farmers were given until early 2008 to modernize their equipment so they could compete with the U.S. But Dan Grech reports some farmers still work the old-fashioned way.
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Small victories are a win for Calderon

Dec 5, 2007
It's been a year since Mexican President Felipe Calderon came into office, and after passing some much-needed legislation, he's managed to become well-received by the financial community. Dan Grech reports.
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More power to import product safety

Nov 6, 2007
The Bush Administration is unveiling a plan to tackle the safety of imports by beefing up the agencies that police them, including giving them the power to impose penalities and order mandatory recalls. Amy Scott reports.
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U.S.-Mexico illegal immigration down

Oct 29, 2007
Homeland Security is projecting much smaller numbers of illegal Mexican immigrants than last year. Alisa Roth reports the decrease might not just be due to a harder-working border patrol.
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No progress in Mexico's drug war

Oct 3, 2007
The Bush Administration is set to give Mexico nearly a billion dollars to fight drugs. But Dan Grech reports critics are skeptical of the effectiveness of the aid package.
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