AIDS money is flowing, but unevenly

Aug 1, 2008
The United Nations says fewer people are dying of AIDS, and more are getting medication to treat HIV. But it says more money is needed for treatment and prevention. Kai Ryssdal talks with Jon Cohen, who's been covering the issue for Science magazine.
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Mexican cartels look north for arms

Jun 26, 2008
Violence across Mexico has intensified as the government has fought against the country's powerful drug cartels, often well-armed from the U.S. Host Bob Moon asks journalist James Verini what can be done to stem the cross-border arms trade.
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Slow economy changing migration tide

Apr 18, 2008
Mexican immigrants are sending smaller portions of their paychecks home because of tumbling wages and fewer jobs in America. Many are returning home, but they're finding the economic picture there isn't much better. Dan Grech reports.
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U.S., Mexico battle over water

Mar 25, 2008
Farmers in South Texas are in court on a claim Mexico hogged water during a drought in the 1990's. But in an odd twist, the U.S. State Department is siding with Mexico. Dan Grech reports.
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Running from the alter is expensive

Feb 26, 2008
A proposal in Mexico would make runaway brides and grooms reimburse each other for the expenses of the wedding, rather than leave the bride's family with the bill. Dan Grech reports the bill could have a negative effect.
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Mexico looks towards infrastructure

Feb 8, 2008
Preparing for what appear to be hard times ahead, Mexican President Felipe Calderon is budgeting $25 million towards public works. Dan Grech reports Calderon also hopes not to depend on the U.S. economy.
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Business backed up at Mexican border

Feb 7, 2008
Long lines of people waiting to get documents checked at the U.S.-Mexico border is affecting businesses that once enjoyed freedom from a passport requirement. David Martin Davies reports who's affected, and how.
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Border control big for Bush budget

Feb 4, 2008
President Bush's fiscal plan for next year will focus on cutting health care programs, transportation and education. But there will be a substantial increase in border security. Dan Grech has more.
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U.S. avocado market ripe for Mexico

Jan 29, 2008
Because Mexico's avocado-growing season ends as the U.S. season starts, demand for the fruit is created year round. Dan Grech reports the U.S. views Mexico as a trading partner in avocados rather than competition.
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Tijuana crime scaring away tourists

Jan 9, 2008
A rise in violent crime in Tijuana has put a damper on American tourism, which the city relies on heavily. Dan Grech reports.
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