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Is Coke's Chinese deal fizzling out?

Sep 8, 2008
The announcement last week that Coca-Cola plans to buy Chinese drink maker Huiyuan Juice Group in a $2.4 billion deal isn't sitting well with some Chinese bloggers. Scott Tong reports from Shanghai.
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BP settles TNK dispute with Russians

Sep 4, 2008
British Petroleum and its billionaire Russian partners in Russian oil company TNK have settled a long-running dispute. The deal includes removal of CEO Robert Dudley as CEO. Brett Neely has more.
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Coke seeks Chinese juice company

Sep 3, 2008
Coca-Cola is offering almost $2.4 billion for the Huiyuan juice company in China. The all-cash deal would be the biggest foreign takeover ever of a Chinese company. But regulators in Beijing could take the fizz out of the deal. Janet Babin reports.
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More turbulence ahead for airlines

Sep 1, 2008
Airlines are already reeling from losses, and travel by air traditionally dwindles after Labor Day. John Dimsdale reports that the industry is now bracing for the biggest wave of cutbacks since Sept. 11, 2001.
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CME Group close to acquiring NYMEX

Aug 22, 2008
The CME Group's acquisition of NYMEX is expected to close today. The deal will give CME Group control of 98 percent of all contracts traded on U.S. futures exchanges. Adriene Hill reports why this deal is so big.
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Mitsubishi raises bid for UnionBanCal

Aug 18, 2008
Mitsubishi Financial Group, Japan's largest bank, has raised its bid for California's second biggest bank. The deal could become the biggest takeover of a U.S. bank this year. Alisa Roth gets some prespective.
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More banks to join securities settlement

Aug 13, 2008
As many as six banks are said to have agreed to buy back securities from the failed auction-rate market as part of a settlement with federal regulators. Is a global settlement in the works? Bob Moon reports.
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Russia steels way into U.S. industry

Aug 13, 2008
A Russian company is taking over a large Ohio-based pipe and tube manufacturer in one of the biggest steel industry deals this year. Stephen Beard reports Russian steel makers now have a big U.S. presence.
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Boeing might not bid for tanker contract

Aug 11, 2008
The Defense Department changed the rules for landing a $35 million contract to build an aerial refueling tanker, and now, word is that Boeing won't bid. John Dimsdale reports.
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Trash company merger could cost us

Aug 11, 2008
Waste Management today raised by 10 percent its bid to buy its biggest competitor in the trash business. Ashley Milne-Tyte asks what happens to us if that merger goes through.
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