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AIG restructures, aims to earn money

Mar 8, 2010
AIG has decided to sell one of its biggest units, American Life Insurance Co., to MetLife for about $15 billion. It's the second deal in a week for AIG. Jeremy Hobson reports on what's left of the insurer.
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Businesses gear up to start spending

Mar 4, 2010
With consumers starting to spend a little, there's also new evidence that big businesses are feeling flush with cash and ready to jump in. Mitchell Hartman reports.
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AIA sale will help pay AIG's U.S. debts

Mar 1, 2010
AIG is selling off AIA, its Asian life insurance division, to British financial services company Prudential. The $35 billion deal will help AIG pay its debt to U.S. taxpayers. Christopher Werth reports.
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Coke hopes deal puts fizz back in biz

Feb 25, 2010
The Coca-Cola Company is buying the North American bottling operations of Coca-Cola Enterprises in a deal worth $12 billion. Brett Neely reports.
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Sears plans to franchise auto centers

Feb 18, 2010
Sears has been working on ways to extend its most popular brands outside its stores. It plans to market Die Hard batteries through other retailers and will franchise its Sears Auto Centers. Bob Moon reports.
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Keeping global beer biz in the heartland

Feb 16, 2010
After nearly a year and a half under new Belgian owners, North American beer conglomerate AB-InBev has no plans to leave its St. Louis headquarters. Adam Allington explores the pros and cons of that decision.
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NBC to viewers: Speak now or never

Feb 10, 2010
Over the next few weeks, NBC will be airing an announcement on the proposed merger between media giants NBC Universal and Comcast. The public has about a month to raise objections to the deal. Why should they care? Jeff Tyler reports.
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Areva buys Ausra for solar power-up

Feb 9, 2010
French nuclear power giant Areva is buying Ausra, a Silicon Valley solar start-up, with hopes of dominating the solar thermal power market. Sarah Gardner explains who gets what out of the deal and why Areva might be looked at as a French GE.
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Brits bitter over Cadbury takeover

Jan 20, 2010
For the British, Cadbury is almost as strong a part of the culture as Shakespeare, so a takeover by an American company hits hard. Christopher Werth gauges reactions from the general British public.
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Cadbury descendant opposes Kraft deal

Jan 19, 2010
George Cadbury's great-granddaughter, Felicity Loudon, is vehemently opposed to Kraft's takeover of the iconic British chocolatier. Bill Radke talks to Loudon about her next move in the face of Cadbury's shareholders.
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