The French are eating a lot more hamburgers

Feb 17, 2014
One in two sandwiches sold in France is a hamburger. Presumably with French fries.
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McDonald's fast food advice becomes corporate PR lesson

Dec 27, 2013
McDonald’s is shutting down McResource, a website that offers tips to employees.
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Arizona kids line up for free McMuffin on test day

Apr 16, 2013
McDonald's franchises in Arizona say they want kids to eat a healthy breakfast to help them ace their statewide standardized tests. The promotion also builds customer loyalty.
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The invention of the Chicken McNugget

Jan 14, 2013
Chicken McNuggets have generated huge amount of money for McDonald's. But the credit for their invention may belong to a little known poultry scientist who freely shared his research.
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McDonalds employee on coning: 'I've seen this stunt before'

Sep 19, 2011
In days of old, the Internet has spawned such hallowed traditions as planking and floating Chinese officials. The latest craze? Coning. No, this...
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Ronald McDonald is here to stay

May 19, 2011
This final note today, in which the CEO of McDonald's gets a little carried away with himself. There was news the other day that a group of health...
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Wis. man set to consume 25,000th Big Mac

May 17, 2011
One man, 39 years, 25,000 Big Macs. That's right. Meet Don Gorske -- the self proclaimed "Mac Daddy," and lover of all things under a seeded bun...
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