Overly helpful parents, in certain cases, can actually impede a child's learning, according to a new study.

Helpful parents can cause children's math anxiety

Aug 26, 2015
Telling your kid that you're not a number person can do some damage.
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How to speed up plane boarding? Ask an astrophysicist

Aug 19, 2013
Airlines endlessly try to engineer procedures to speed up boarding and reduce costly delays. A scientist thinks he has the solution.
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Largest prime number: Still just a slice of pi

Feb 6, 2013
A discovery of a lifetime (at least for the math geeks among us): the largest prime number in the world.
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A different series of tubes

Oct 17, 2011
Carbon nanotubes are thinner than a strand of hair and are being tested to power extremely small motors. The BBC reports: "Carbon nanotubes have...
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