A man smokes marijuana

Legalized pot use vs. employer drug testing

May 7, 2014
A court case in Colorado challenges the rights of employers to test their workers for legal pot use.
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PODCAST: Google's drones

Apr 15, 2014
Internet companies are racing to patch their Heartbleed vulnerabilities, at great cost. And legal pot shops are discovering the joys of tax season.
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It's Tax Day! Now for pot dealers, too

Apr 15, 2014
Tax deductions on labor and rent don't apply to legal marijuana dispensaries
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Legal marijuana creates Denver warehouse shortage

Apr 14, 2014
Pot growers bought more than eight football fields of warehouse space
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Top U.S. lawyer wants better drug sentencing policies

Mar 13, 2014
It isn’t easy to get a job after serving time in prison.
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Marijuana advocates use Super Bowl as advocacy tool

Jan 31, 2014
Both teams in Sunday’s game are from states where marijuana is legal.
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Legal pot businesses would love to take cash to the bank

Jan 24, 2014
The Obama administration is considering regulations that will encourage banks to take legal marijuana business money. What are those businesses doing now, if they can’t deposit into banks?
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Banks don't want to hold marijuana industry's stash

Jan 24, 2014
Banks are reluctant -- in most cases unwilling -- to do business with the marijuana industry.
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The tech behind tracking marijuana plants in Colorado

Jan 1, 2014
The first state to allow marijuana sales to anyone over 21 has to track all that pot somehow.
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Feds and Mexican drug cartels find common ground on legalized marijuana

Aug 8, 2013
You know who doesn't like legalized weed? The drug cartels. And the federal government.
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