Guess the NCAA bracket! Your odds are 1 in 9 quintillion!

Mar 17, 2014
So what is certain about this promotion? That Dan Gilbert, the businessman who owns Quicken Loans, gets several million sales leads by people registering for the game.
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First step, you win the Mega Millions lottery. Next step?

Dec 13, 2013
You hit the jackpot: Should you take the lump sum, or is there more advantage in agreeing to regular payouts?
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Debt deal means D.C. residents can start collecting lottery winnings again

Oct 16, 2013
Washington's lottery has stopped making payments because of the government shutdown.
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If you won the lottery...

Nov 30, 2012
It's nice to dream about winning the lottery, but if you got lucky and came into a big windfall of cash, would you know how to prepare your personal finances in a responsible way?
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Powerball a big winner for many states

Nov 27, 2012
Wednesday's big Powerball jackpot is one reason more people are playing the multi-state lottery at record levels.
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Winning $337 Powerball lottery ticket hits Michigan

Aug 16, 2012
Someone who recently visited a gas station in the small Michigan city of Lapeer is about to be very rich. That's where the winning Powerball ticket was sold, and the jackpot is $337 million. So what's up with these huge lottery jackpots recently?
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Mega Millions brings windfall to states, too

Mar 30, 2012
The states collect income tax on record lottery.
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Record jackpot could bring lottery lawsuits

Mar 29, 2012
The Mega Millions lottery has soared to a half-billion dollars, which means coworkers are pooling their money, which can lead to disputes.
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What are your chances of winning the lottery this week?

Mar 29, 2012
You're better off placing your bets on dating a supermodel. Really.
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Lottery jackpot is a spot in public housing

Feb 7, 2012
New Haven attracts families to a new mixed-income community with a popular lottery.
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