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Why would you hire the long-term unemployed? Why not?

Jan 27, 2014
We expect the President to ask companies to pledge to hire the unemployed. But some hiring managers see a potential risk in hiring someone who's been out of work for a long time.
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Long-term unemployed get a holiday without much cheer

Dec 24, 2013
Long-term unemployment has not been this high for this long since World War II.
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After a year of unemployment -- finally, a job

Feb 5, 2013
For one of the long-term unemployed, a very happy ending.
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When the unemployed stop looking for jobs

Sep 7, 2012
Discouraged workers give up after months of fruitless job seeking.
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Recovering from job loss

Aug 23, 2012
Author DW Gibson on what he learned traveling across the country talking with the unemployed for his new book, "Not Working," and one of the book's subjects, Bridgette Lacy, discusses what it's like to be jobless.
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Jobless unsurprised by today's bad report

Jun 1, 2012
People at an unemployment office say they're experiencing jobless numbers firsthand.
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Letter: From the perspective of the long-term unemployed

Jun 1, 2012
We hear from Millford Prewitt, a Brooklynite in his late 50s who has been unemployed for more than three years.
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One day at a time for the long-term unemployed

May 25, 2012
There are millions of Americans who've been out of work for more than six months. One woman shares how she stays hopeful.
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Bad news for older workers

May 16, 2012
The Government Accountability Office says the number of long-term unemployed 55 and older has more than doubled since the recession began back in 2007. That's bad news for the economy and children of retirees.
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