Secretary Geithner facing questions of LIBOR

Jul 25, 2012
Secretary Geithner is expected to tell the committee that the U.S. economy is starting to regain its footing, but still faces threats from uncertainty about government spending and taxes, and instability in Europe.
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LIBOR rigging could be made a crime in Europe

Jul 25, 2012
In the ongoing LIBOR interest rate rigging scandal, European lawmakers have proposed making interest rate rigging a crime.
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Four more banks under investigation in LIBOR scandal

Jul 19, 2012
According to the Financial Times newspaper, four big European banks have joined Barclays in the not-so-prestigious club of financial institutions being investigated for rigging a benchmark lending rate called LIBOR.
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Bernanke likely to be queried about LIBOR scandal

Jul 17, 2012
Senators are likely to question Federal Reserve chairman about what banking regulators knew about manipulation of key lending rate.
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50 ways to rig your LIBOR

Jul 16, 2012
As the scandal into rate-rigging grows, more theories and information are emerging about how, exactly, banks may have manipulated an important interest rate called LIBOR.
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British lawmakers concerned over oil price reporting

Jul 16, 2012
In the U.K. today, lawmakers are highlighting an overlooked G20 report that says oil price-reporting has some uncomfortable similarities to the LIBOR rate fixing scandal.
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More lies ahead in the LIBOR scandal

Jul 16, 2012
The New York Federal Reserve Bank released documents showing concerns about LIBOR's credibility in 2007. What's the next show to drop?
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LIBOR scandal spreads to U.S. cities

Jul 11, 2012
Ripples from the LIBOR scandal have spread to U.S. cities. Some are suing to recoup overpayment due to alleged interest rate manipulation.
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After LIBOR scandal, London fears losing financial crown

Jul 6, 2012
While Wall Street had been bogged down by regulations and scandal, London took the crown for leading global financial center. Now, with the Barclays and LIBOR-rigging investigation, the British city could find itself being regulated as well.
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Ex-Barclays CEO Bob Diamond testifies about LIBOR

Jul 4, 2012
Diamond testified before a committee of the British parliament today about charges Barclays manipulated a key interest rate called the LIBOR. The bank's already been fined over $450 million, but it could be just the beginning of the fallout.
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