Letter: My love, my Health Savings Account

Sep 13, 2013
Expensive treatments, confusing price structures, maddening medical bills -- but what if there was something out there that made all of those hurdles vanish?
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Dear Son: A father's financial wisdom

Jun 14, 2013
New Jersey CPA Tom Corley, author of the book "Rich Habits," graciously shared the words of wisdom he gave to his son about how to achieve financial independence.
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A letter from Tess

Nov 9, 2012
Tess Vigeland shares a few observations after hosting Marketplace Money for six years.
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Letter to a toy company

Dec 22, 2011
Millions are writing letters this month asking for toys. But one parent wants a toy company to add to their product line.
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Good point, Sue

Jul 22, 2010
I like getting mail from people who listen to the show and watch the Whiteboards. They make great suggestions, and good points about presentation....
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