For former 'jail teacher,' Plan B is Plan A

Nov 8, 2012
After losing her job teaching at a high school in the county jail, Donielle Lawson wants to stay in education.
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Weekly unemployment claims up 13 percent

Oct 18, 2012
Seasonally adjusted claims for unemployment insurance rose by 46,000 last week, or about 13 percent. Is this a blip or the start of a new trend?
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Bank of America announces 16,000 layoffs

Sep 20, 2012
Bank of America is accelerating plans to cut costs by laying off workers. According to the Wall Street Journal, the bank has set a target of cutting 16,000 jobs by the end of this year -- about 6 percent of the bank's workforce.
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Labor woes worsen at American Airlines

Sep 19, 2012
Between disgruntled union workers and thousands of layoffs, yet more American Airlines flights are being cancelled or delayed. Should travelers avoid the bankrupt carrier?
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Planned layoffs drop to lowest level in two years

Sep 6, 2012
According to job placement firm Challenger Gray & Christmas, the number of planned layoffs at U.S. companies dropped 37 percent from a year ago.
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Motorola Mobility to lose 20% of its workforce

Aug 13, 2012
Google announced this morning it will lay off 4,000 people. They're all employees of Motorola Mobility, which Google recently bought.
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Fiscal cliff could cause layoffs for defense contractors

Aug 9, 2012
The big defense contractors -- including Lockheed Martin and Pratt & Whitney -- say they may have to send out mass layoff notices to their employees in a few months. That's because they're worried that hundreds of billions of dollars in expected cuts to the Pentagon's budget will have a big effect on them.
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Unemployment workers face layoffs

Aug 7, 2012
As more people find work where there are jobs to be found, fewer workers are needed in state unemployment offices.
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Layoffs down despite tepid earnings growth

Jul 20, 2012
Several big American companies -- General Electric, Schlumberger, Microsoft -- reported weak earnings and quarterly losses today. The question is, are we due for another round of major layoffs?
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Planned job cuts at 13-month low

Jul 5, 2012
Ahead of tomorrow's June jobs report, data today shows the number of planned job cuts at U.S. companies has dropped to the lowest level in 13 months.
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