A long, long legal bet

Feb 15, 2011
Ecuador's Chevron lawsuit potentially pays big -- both for the plaintiffs and their hedge fund investors.
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Clinton announces new Internet freedom policy

Feb 15, 2011
Secretary of State Hilary Clinton will speak at George Washington University today about Internet freedom. The New York Times reports she's...
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Ecuador judge fines Chevron $9 billion

Feb 15, 2011
An Ecuadorean judge has fined oil corporation Chevron more than $9 billion in a case that's spanned over a decade. The judge ruled that the company is responsible for the pollution of forest and rivers in northern Ecuador. Eve Troeh has more.
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ICE seizes more sites

Feb 14, 2011
18 sites accused of trafficking in counterfeit goods were seized by the office Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Just in time for Valentine's...
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Wael Ghonim on 60 Minutes

Feb 14, 2011
The Google executive who disappeared in Egypt, was incarcerated by the government, and reemerged as a revolutionary leader gave an interview to...
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Internet freedom Tuesday

Feb 14, 2011
Secretary of State Clinton will speak tomorrow at George Washington University....
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Two net neutrality hearings this week

Feb 14, 2011
The House Judiciary Intellectual Property subcommittee will hold a hearing on Tuesday with witnesses Gigi Sohn of Public Knowledge (pro net...
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Is the billable hour a thing of the past?

Feb 14, 2011
The American Bar Association just finished a conference in Atlanta, Ga. focusing on the way lawyers get paid. Should clients continue to pay hourly wages or is a new system of value-based billing on the horizon? Jeremy Hobson speaks with Stephen Zack, president of the American Bar Association.
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National Wireless Initiative

Feb 11, 2011
This was announced by President Obama yesterday in Michigan. It calls for the freeing up of 500mhz of spectrum. That would be procured by way of...
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Proposed law aims to curb fashion copycats

Feb 11, 2011
As New York Fashion week begins, some designers are backing a bill in Washington that would give their work copyright protection. Janet Babin reports from the runway.
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