Beach warfare over who owns the word 'lifeguard'

Jun 23, 2011
On Australia's popular beaches, the word "lifeguard" is everywhere -- on t-shirts, swimsuits, and actual lifesaving equipment -- and now a group of lifeguards says it controls the trademark rights to the word.
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F.B.I. takes some servers

Jun 22, 2011
Tuesday, several Web sites, including a real estate blog and a blog about restaurants were knocked offline because the F.B.I. raided a data center...
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Kodak battles smartphones over camera technology

Jun 22, 2011
The International Trade Commission is set to rule on a big patent infringement case tomorrow. Camera-maker Kodak claims that BlackBerry and Apple are using Kodak camera technology without paying for it, which could mean billions in costs for both sides.
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Lawmakers to discuss cyber attacks

Jun 21, 2011
Leigh Williams, president of BITS, a division of the Financial Services Roundtable, discusses the banking industry's increased cyber security and today's hearing on Capitol Hill.
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SCOTUS throws out gender-bias suit against Walmart

Jun 20, 2011
The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that a class-action effort against Wal-Mart Stores could not go forward.
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Connecticut AG concerned about Facialrecognitionbook

Jun 17, 2011
George Jepsen is the Attorney General for Connecticut and he's seeking a meeting with Facebook to discuss the company's use of facial recognition...
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Bono Mack to introduce hacking transparency bill

Jun 14, 2011
In light of all the attacks on corporate sites in recent months, Rep. Mary Bono Mack (R - Calif.) is circulating a draft of bill that would require...
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Apple in the courtroom (please don't freak, the door is locked just you and me)

Jun 14, 2011
Apple has settled a lawsuit with Nokia wherein the struggling Finnish company was suing Apple for copyright infringement related to iPhones. Under...
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Federal agency sues Boeing on behalf of unionized workers

Jun 14, 2011
Boeing goes before the National Labor Relations Board today to face accusations it built a new plant in South Carolina intentionally to harm its unions in Washington state.
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Computer programs errors released violent people from prison

May 27, 2011
Because of computer errors, prison officials in California released 450 inmates with a "high risk of violence" by mistake. These inmates were...
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