Can the DOJ force you to decrypt your laptop?

Jul 11, 2011
This is being tossed around right now in a case in Colorado involving a woman accused of running a mortgage scam. A laptop was found in her bedroom...
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Scandal-hit newspaper to close in Britain

Jul 7, 2011
Britain's best-selling Sunday newspaper, the <em>News of the World</em>, is to close after allegations of widespread phone hacking and invasions of privacy.
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Britain launches inquiry into phone hacking

Jul 6, 2011
Rupert Murdoch's media conglomerate News International is under pressure after its tabloid newspaper, the <em>News of the World</em>, engaged in phone hacking.
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Michigan sues private company over bridge construction

Jul 6, 2011
The Michigan Department of Transportation and the Detroit International Bridge Company had a $230 million deal to jointly build a series of ramps on the Ambassador Bridge. But the state says the company isn't complying with the design they agreed upon.
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British journalists, officials denounce phone hacking by tabloid

Jul 5, 2011
Britain's News of the World tabloid comes under intense pressure after it hacked into the phone messages of a missing girl interfering with a police investigation
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Federal plan issued to save spotted owls

Jul 1, 2011
The federal government unveiled the latest version of a plan to save the northern spotted owl, as the bird's population continues to decline. But some of the new rules may come up against the timber industry.
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Monsanto's cash incentives program under federal investigation

Jun 30, 2011
Monsanto is under federal investigation for using cash incentives to persuade distributors to buy the world's top selling herbicide -- Roundup.
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LulzSec goes all Wikileaks on Arizona cops

Jun 24, 2011
LulzSec had warned the world a while ago that they would start going after political targets as part of a program called Operation Anti-Security....
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Winkelvii, a day after ending legal battle with Facebook, start a new one

Jun 24, 2011
Cameron and Tyler Winkelvoss continue to augment their busy boat rowing schedule with litigation....
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Netherlands goes net neutral, Holland soon follows suit, as do the Dutch

Jun 23, 2011
It seemed to find its way into law by way of Skype, specifically people not wanting to be charged extra by their ISP for using big bandwidth things...
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