Business in front of the Supreme Court

Oct 4, 2010
Kai Ryssdal talks to Slate's Supreme Court correspondent Dahlia Lithwick about the business-related cases for the U.S. Supreme Court will be considering this fall.
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Visa, Mastercard settlement means more flexibility for merchants

Oct 4, 2010
Visa and Mastercard reached an agreement with the U.S. Department of Justice, which will give merchants more freedom to influence customers through special offers and discounts to use certain cards.
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Technology cases coming before the Supreme Court

Oct 4, 2010
The Supreme Court is opening its new session. On the docket: several cases that touch on technology. We talk with legal scholar Jeffrey Rosen about cases involving video games, privacy, and whether AT&T counts as a person in our conversation. Also in this show, the Senate wants commercials to be quieter. What might that sound like?
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US Senate brings real change to America: sets volume limits on TV commercials

Oct 1, 2010
In a bill that makes total sense yet for some reason took decades to even come to a vote, the Senate passed a bill that will require television...
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Texting bans for drivers don't make much difference

Sep 29, 2010
This according to a new study. Because if you're stupid enough to text while driving, are you really going to follow laws? I didn't think so....
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Google has been found guilty of libel in France.

Sep 27, 2010
A convicted sex offender who is appealing his conviction objected to the word "rape" coming up in a search of his name. The French court said he's...
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Court ruling may be a boon for condo buyers

Sep 23, 2010
A district court judge in Manhattan ordered a condo developer to return the deposit of a buyer. Marketplace's Jeremy Hobson looks into the potential impact of this ruling.
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Online classfieds: Who is responsible?

Sep 22, 2010
The Village Voice's is being sued by an underage girl who was pimped out via the classifieds website. But the Communications Decency Act says that websites are protected from liability from what users post.
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Google and competition

Sep 17, 2010
On Thursday, a House subcommittee heard testimony about Google and the issues of competition and dominance in the digital marketplace....
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FCC takes a look at cell phone use in prisons

Sep 14, 2010
Last month, President Obama signed a law that bans cell phone use by prisoners. But, phones apparently keep finding their way in facilities -...
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