'Poison pill' tactic used to fend off hostile takeover

Jan 22, 2011
Two companies are currently in a legal battle that could dramatically alter the way publicly traded companies change hands in the U.S. One company is using the "poison pill" tactic, which increases the number of shares to make a takeover prohibitively expensive.
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Verizon comes out swinging on net neutrality

Jan 21, 2011
Long after the sun swallows the earth and then collapses into itself becoming a black hole that sucks all matter and light into it, we will still...
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"Max Lols" - a new term for you to learn

Jan 19, 2011
So last summer someone hacked into a database at AT&T and made off with well over 100,000 emails of iPad customers. Personal email addresses to...
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Airlines sue Chicago to stop O'Hare expansion

Jan 19, 2011
Chicago wants to expand O'Hare to meet future needs, but United and American Airlines don't want to pay for that while business is still bumpy.
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Republican congresswoman going after net neutrality hard

Jan 19, 2011
Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) is no fan of the recent FCC action to address concerns about net neutrality. She thinks it went way too far in...
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Comcast deal has interesting strings attached

Jan 19, 2011
As expected, the FCC and Justice approved the Comcast acquisition of NBC Universal. And as expected, there were conditions attached. The list is...
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California city thinking of putting DUI offenders on Facebook

Jan 18, 2011
Huntington Beach, California is ranked first in the state for alcohol-related driving deaths. Now councilman Devin Dwyer wants to take a bold step:...
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Number of pro bono lawyers on the decline

Jan 17, 2011
A lawyer could be a huge help for people navigating bankruptcies, foreclosures and credit problems. It's even better if they can offer their services for free. But in this time of need, pro bono lawyers are getting more difficult to find.
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Financially preparing for a divorce

Jan 14, 2011
It's the busiest time of the year for divorce lawyers. Family law attorney Kelly Chang talks with Tess Vigeland about why so many people seek to end a marriage at this time, the average cost of divorce and what she thinks about pre-nups.
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Protect yourself from a divorce... with insurance

Jan 14, 2011
There's a new option to protect your money and help cover the high costs of ending a marriage: divorce insurance. WedLock Divorce Insurance CEO John Logan talks with Tess Vigeland about how he came up with the idea, how it differs from a pre-nup, and what the reaction has been.
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