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Why NBC may tap Fallon to succeed Leno

Mar 21, 2013
Jay Leno is king of late-night TV ratings, but Jimmy Fallon could represent the future of the TV franchise. He has strong ratings plus a big You Tube and Twitter following that advertisers care ever more about.
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In late-night TV showdown, what's a minute worth?

Jan 7, 2013
Half a billion dollars of advertising is at stake in what is now a three-way competition among Jay Leno, Dave Letterman and Jimmy Kimmel. One show's response to Kimmel's challenge: shave a minute off its start time.
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Jimmy Kimmel moves into prime late-night spot

Aug 22, 2012
Late night TV is about to go where it's never gone before. ABC says starting in 2013 it's moving 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' a half hour earlier, to compete head-to-head with Letterman and Leno.
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Conan back on late night -- on TBS

Apr 12, 2010
Are you with Coco? After Conan O'Brien was ousted from NBC's "Tonight Show," many speculated that he would head over to the Fox network. But in a...
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