Fast-food restaurants are concerned what the NLRB ruling will mean for them.

NLRB decision pushes 'employee' debate

Aug 28, 2015
Franchising and subcontracting labor haven't always been the norm.
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Chipotle is going on a hiring spree

Today, burritos. Tomorrow, a company car?

Aug 24, 2015
Chipotle plans to hire 4,000 new workers, pitching potential career advancement.
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Firms, organized labor wait for major ruling

Aug 14, 2015
The case is about employees working for subcontractors or franchisees.
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Stubborn productivity figures have two possible causes

Aug 11, 2015
The theory that the Fed subscribes to could determine if interest rates go up.
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Labor leaders, workers and activists attend a rally for a $15 minimum hourly wage on July 22 in New York City.

Finding the fairest minimum wage

Aug 7, 2015
That sweet spot varies from state to state, city to city.
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The July report from the Department of Labor is expected to show continued slow growth.

Summer slowdown for jobs

Aug 7, 2015
The Department of Labor's July report shows continued slow growth.
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Designer Ralph Lauren attends the Anna Wintour Costume Center Grand Opening at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. Lauren, CEO of the brand Ralph Lauren, is one of America's highest paid CEOs, according to Forbes.

SEC reform shines a light on CEO-to-worker pay ratio

Aug 5, 2015
Will the rule point out sky-high compensation or become a useless political tool?
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A construction site in Nashville's Gulch neighborhood. This particular project would not fall under Nashville's proposed local hire amendment — a measure that, if passed, would require government-paid construction projects to hire more local workers.

Finding local labor for public projects

Aug 4, 2015
Should contractors who bid on public projects be forced to hire more local workers?
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Colorado workers sue Chipotle, part of national trend

Jul 27, 2015
Complex law, 'on call' mind set are behind class-action suits alleging unfair pay.
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Labor leaders, workers and activists attend a rally for a $15 minimum hourly wage on Wednesday in New York City.

Jobless claims reach 40-year low. Is wage growth next?

Jul 23, 2015
The labor market is looking much tighter, and that could mean pay raises.
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