Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart covering the midterm elections in Austin, Texas. Though many political junkies are upset over Stewart's plans to step down, publishers have also said they'll miss him because of the platform "The Daily Show" provided to writers.

You know who will miss Jon Stewart? Publishers.

Aug 5, 2015
Who will interview writers — and boost sales — when he leaves "The Daily Show"?
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Hours before he died, New York Times Columnist David Carr moderated a panel discussion on Feb. 12, 2015, in New York City.

Weekly roundup: In the media, some tough goodbyes

Feb 13, 2015
Highlights from the week, on the air and online.
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Jon Stewart

What Jon Stewart's departure means for Viacom

Feb 9, 2015
His announcement comes at time when ratings are sliding at the network.
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I didn't forget about Jim Cramer

Mar 13, 2009
I was definitely looking forward to watching Jon Stewart maul Jim Cramer on the Daily Show last night, but I got busy having a life, and I missed...
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Jon Stewart, Take 2

Mar 10, 2009
The battle of the comedy networks rolls on. On the Daily Show last night, Jon Stewart continued his rant against CNBC. He said no one from CNBC...
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Take that, CNBC!

Mar 5, 2009
I just got a chance to watch Jon Stewart's rant against CNBC from last night. It's an instant classic. Stewart was supposed to have CNBC analyst...
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