Liar, liar, pants on fire!

Sep 10, 2013
10.2 million swallowed this one: hook, line and sinker.
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3 April Fools' pranks you shouldn't pull at the office (and 1 you should)

Apr 1, 2013
Feel free to pull pranks at work, but don't take them too far.
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Library jokes it'll move Lance Armstrong books to fiction section

Jan 21, 2013
A part-time staff member at an Australian library set up a prank sign stating that all the non-fiction Lance Armstrong books would be moved to the fiction section.
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Listen: Economic jokes

Jun 29, 2012
In honor of the club vibe at the Belly Up in Aspen, where we're airing live, listen to a little stand-up comedy.
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Submit your economic crisis jokes

Jun 25, 2012
Sometimes during a crisis, humor can provide a way to express yourself. So we want to know: What are your best economic crisis jokes?
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If you're going to make a joke about killing people...

Nov 11, 2010
don't do it on Twitter. In England. Actually, you know what? Just don't do it.
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