Auto sale increase also boosts auto jobs

Sep 4, 2012
The steady increase in auto sales is also fueling a boom in auto employment—everything from dealerships, to auto suppliers and assembly plants
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Creating jobs vs. creating good jobs

Sep 3, 2012
Economists and politicians are watching the job market closely. On Friday, the monthly employment report is released. But if jobs are being created, are they good jobs?
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Housing, jobs and retirement stay on voters' minds

Aug 31, 2012
Undecided voters in Florida and North Carolina share what their greatest concerns are in the upcoming election.
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Facing sailor shortage, Navy ups bonuses

Aug 27, 2012
The Navy is offering sailors hundreds of extra dollars a month if they agree to go back out to sea sooner than expected.
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Weekly unemployment applications tick up slightly

Aug 23, 2012
The number of people filing for unemployment benefits rose last week to 372,000. That's 4,000 more than the previous week.
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Job openings at highest level in four years

Aug 8, 2012
Job openings jumped to a four-year high in June: 3.7 million. Seems strange, considering we learned less than a week ago that the country has an 8.3 percent unemployment rate right now.
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Unemployment workers face layoffs

Aug 7, 2012
As more people find work where there are jobs to be found, fewer workers are needed in state unemployment offices.
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Romney adviser responds to July jobs report

Aug 3, 2012
Glenn Hubbard, an adviser to the Romney campaign, talks about the most recent U.S. jobs report and about Mitt Romney's economic plans if he wins the presidency.
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The economy makes do with five million fewer jobs

Aug 3, 2012
The nation's output of goods and services is back to the level it was before the recession began in 2007. But five million fewer people are working. Who got left out of the economy?
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Obama adviser Alan Krueger on July's jobs report

Aug 3, 2012
Alan Krueger, chairman of the President's Council of Economic Advisers, discusses what President Obama can do to create more jobs.
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