The people behind September's job numbers

Oct 5, 2012
Newly hired, unemployed and looking, discouraged and out of work: Meet five Los Angeles area residents who put faces on the September employment picture.
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Unemployment falls to 7.8 percent, 114,000 jobs added

Oct 5, 2012
The government's September jobs report is out this morning. The Bureau of Labor Statistics is reporting that unemployment has fallen to 7.8 percent with 114,000 jobs added last month.
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7.8% unemployment rate is lowest since 2009

Oct 5, 2012
U.S. employers added 114,000 jobs in September, according to the Labor Department's latest report. Economists say that it's a slightly positive indicator -- but not a particularly strong one. Many say that even more jobs needed to be created to keep the economy growing. The drop in the unemployment rate may reflect revisions to data out during the summer that may be stronger than originally thought.
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Is it a good time to look for a quality job?

Sep 27, 2012
New polling reveals that young people are more positive about the prospects of finding a quality job than their elders.
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Looking for potential in future employees

Sep 25, 2012
If you're looking for a job or trying to get ahead in this economy, there's some age-old wisdom that would seem to apply: play up your accomplishments. Seems obvious, but maybe that's in fact not your best plan of attack.
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Using big data to profile the perfect worker

Sep 24, 2012
Large companies that hire thousands of hourly workers are turning to big data to streamline recruitment. Our own Kai Ryssdal gets profiled to see what his answers to a few simple questions tell us about what kind of employee he'd be.
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The safest jobs in the U.S.

Sep 19, 2012
Today the U.S. government gives us a list of the most-dangerous jobs. What are the safest?
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Long-term unemployed face changing workplace

Sep 12, 2012
Being out of work for a long time is tough. Going back to work after a long absence can be almost as challenging to catch up in today's fast-changing work environment.
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When the unemployed stop looking for jobs

Sep 7, 2012
Discouraged workers give up after months of fruitless job seeking.
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Obama adviser Alan Krueger on the August jobs report

Sep 7, 2012
The chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers talks about the president's plans for the future.
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