The 8-percent rule: Can Obama win with high unemployment?

Nov 5, 2012
Since World War II, incumbent presidents have been defeated in election years when the unemployment rate is above 7.5 percent. What does that mean for President Obama and October's 7.9 percent unemployment rate?
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New jobs report offers a last word on economy before election

Nov 2, 2012
Depending on political spins and eventual revisions, the final Bureau of Labor Statistics jobs report before the presidential election, could be good or bad for whoever wins.
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Why the next president wins twice

Nov 2, 2012
The Weekly Wrap examines the latest unemployment numbers from October -- the last jobs report to come out before Election Day -- and why that matters.
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Gallup expects unemployment rate to decrease

Nov 1, 2012
Ahead of the government's jobs report tomorrow, Gallup is predicting a decrease in unemployment from the organization's independent polling.
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For better or for worse: Jobs market remains steady

Nov 1, 2012
Initial claims for unemployment insurance dropped last week and productivity increased modestly. Does the data mean hiring is back on track?
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Is technology to blame for chronic unemployment?

Oct 10, 2012
Commentator Robert Reich says a steady march of technology leaves increasingly obsolete jobs in its wake.
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In Ohio, lots of pro-coal ads, not so many miners

Oct 9, 2012
If you're watching TV in Ohio, you're no doubt seeing a lot of campaign ads about the coal industry and its jobs. But in Ohio, at least, coal is a small part of the economy and the work force.
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Jobless rate below 8%, candidates vague about jobs in debate

Oct 5, 2012
Reviewing the week's headlines on Wall Street and beyond. This week: debating jobs. The new numbers and the presidential candidates' vague answers of what policies they'd use to boost employment.
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Could the jobs statistics be rigged?

Oct 5, 2012
The unemployment numbers pass from Census surveyors to career civil servants at the Bureau of Labor Statistics to the political appointees in the administration. But safeguards to protect the integrity of the data abound.
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The employers behind September's job numbers

Oct 5, 2012
The September unemployment rate fell for the right reason, for a change: More people are seeking work and finding it. Students from the Annenberg School of Journalism profile four California companies that are hiring highly skilled workers.
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