Ringing in the New Year: So where are the jobs?

Jan 4, 2013
The U.S. economy adds 155,000 jobs in December, and the unemployment rate remains steady at 7.8 percent.
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Economists cautiously hopeful ahead of monthly jobs data

Jan 4, 2013
Private payroll data points to an encouraging trend in service-related jobs that are key to economic growth.
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High school grads head straight for jobs in Montana

Dec 28, 2012
We've told you about the energy boom unfolding in the Northern plains states. Centered in North Dakota, the industry is quickly spilling over into Montana.
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What could happen to jobs and labor in 2013

Dec 28, 2012
As we all patiently await the new year -- and the fiscal cliff -- what will happen to the labor force remains unclear. But there are some clues as to what we can expect.
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Delta swamped with flight attendant applicants

Dec 24, 2012
Delta has at least 22,000 applicants for 400 flight attendant openings. Flying may have lost its glamour, but a job in the skies has other benefits.
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A sign of recovery: More work for architects

Dec 20, 2012
Architects were slammed by the fiscal crisis and recession. Now an index of their billings shows work coming back as developers proceed with projects.
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The top places to work in the federal government

Dec 13, 2012
NASA and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation among the best on the list.
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The jobs report as instruction manual for jobseekers

Dec 7, 2012
Job search tips in the unemployment numbers? Get a college degree, move to North Dakota, and more
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Superstorm Sandy's impact on jobs

Dec 6, 2012
Fewer Americans filed for jobless benefits last week. Claims fell for the third straight week. What role did superstorm Sandy play in the fall in unemployment claims?
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Study reveals skills gap between education and jobs

Dec 4, 2012
New McKinsey report finds employers are pessimistic about how well young people are prepared for skilled jobs.
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