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Good news! The unemployment rate is 6.1 percent

Sep 5, 2014
Bad news, the unemployment rate is (still) 6.1 percent.
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Finding a job isn't just a young person's problem

Jul 3, 2014
Workers over 55 are finding difficulty returning to the work force.
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Good jobs report? Bad jobs report? It all depends

Jun 6, 2014
Our jobs report headline generator can show all the ways to interpret the numbers.
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May Jobs Report likely to show moderate hiring

Jun 6, 2014
Has normality returned to the labor market after winter weather distortions?
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Job Seekers Look For Employment Opportunities At Career Fair

Despite strong jobs report, wages still flat

May 2, 2014
The April jobs report shows stronger employment growth than economists expected.
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What we look for in a monthly jobs report

Apr 3, 2014
Employers added 192,000 to payrolls in March; unemployment at 6.7%
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A tale of two jobs surveys

Feb 7, 2014
Economists say the optimism of the household survey should temper the gloom of low payroll reports.
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Dealing with unemployment after a lifetime of work

Feb 7, 2014
One woman gives a face to today's jobs numbers.
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January jobs report: Unemployment dips, but jobs growth disappoints

Feb 7, 2014
The U.S. economy added 113,000 jobs in January, falling below analysts' expectations.
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Weekly wrap: Jobs report review + #longreads

Nov 8, 2013
Catherine Rampell and Felix Salmon join Kai Ryssdal to recap the week in business and finance.
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