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US Secretary of Treasury Jacob Lew speaks during US-Africa Business Forum on the sideline of the US-Africa Leaders Summit in Washington, DC.

Jack Lew goes to Africa

Oct 27, 2014
Why did the Treasury Secretary cross the Atlantic? To do business.
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Weekly Wrap: Who's feeling those sanctions

Apr 25, 2014
Kai Ryssdal talks with Catherine Rampell of the Washington Post and Sudeep Reddy of the Wall Street Journal.
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Treasury Secretary defends sanctions on Russia

Apr 25, 2014
"Even the Russians are admitting that they are having an impact," Secretary Jack Lew said.
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Two economic powerhouses have a sit down

Jan 6, 2014
This week, the U.S. and Germany will sit down to talk economy.
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What do you think of Jack Lew's new signature? (Poll)

May 8, 2013
One day, the signature of Treasury Secretary Jack Lew will appear on every U.S. dollar. But first, he needs a signature that fits the bill.
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Will Treasury Secretary Lew get tough on China?

Mar 20, 2013
U.S. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew is in Beijing this morning wrapping up his two-day visit to China. It's his first foreign trip in his new role and the first high-level talks between the U.S. and China in six months.
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'First day on the job' horror stories

Feb 28, 2013
On Jack Lew's first day at Treasury, with the sequester looming, we look at those who've had worse first days, and what lessons they can take from it.
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Jack Lew turned down a different nomination

Jan 24, 2013
The Jewish Daily Forward newspaper recounts an anecdote where Lew was once asked to serve as the treasurer at his local synagogue.
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Treasury pick Jack Lew and the future of the economy

Jan 11, 2013
The Weekly Wrap looks at what President Obama's Treasury Secretary pick indicates about the economic priorities in President Obama's second term, and what a trillion dollar coin says about how we run our economy.
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Treasury Secretary Jack Lew's signature revealed

Jan 10, 2013
New Treasury Secretary Jack Lew's signature will begin to appear on new dollar bills this year. President Obama nominated Lew to the post earlier this year.
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