Can tech IPOs save California's budget?

Mar 1, 2012
California is looking forward to both the Yelp and Facebook IPOs in the near future. One analyst estimated it could bring as much as $2.5 billion to the financially struggling state.
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Online review site Yelp preps for IPO

Feb 29, 2012
Yelp, the website that offers up user reviews for everything from restaurants and bars to barbershops will soon get its own review of a different and perhaps much harsher kind.
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Yelp readies for the stock market

Feb 28, 2012
The site that lets you reviews local restaurants and services is about to get its own review -- from investors.
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Zynga earnings to give clues about Facebook

Feb 14, 2012
Online gaming company is important to Facebook's bottom line.
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Wanna buy the Empire State Building? Really.

Feb 14, 2012
The owners of the Empire State Building, among other office towers, register to sell shares to the public.
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Facebook users want their share

Feb 6, 2012
Last week's Facebook IPO has many users questioning why the social network can make so much money off of their user data.
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Facebook to face more regulation

Feb 2, 2012
Becoming a public company also means Facebook will be facing more scrutiny, from investors, sure -- but also from government regulators.
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Facebook IPO: The bad news

Feb 2, 2012
This is the sound of the other shoe dropping
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Getting in on the Facebook IPO

Feb 2, 2012
When it goes public, Facebook is likely to be worth $75 billion or more. But, odds are, you aren't getting in on the real action.
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How going public changes Facebook's culture

Feb 2, 2012
Larry Dignan, chief editor at ZDNet, talks about the challenges facing the social networking giant as it tries to preserve its corporate culture post-IPO.
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