An iPhone app that's as nifty as a stethoscope...

Aug 31, 2010
There are iPhone apps for seemingly everything these days - travel apps, camera apps, back-to-school apps, money-saving apps, tech apps, etc. And...
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Apple patent targets 'jailbreakers' with kill switch, how does that make you feel?

Aug 23, 2010
How far does Apple have to go to turn you off? That's a question that came to mind as I reported a story for tomorrow's Marketplace Morning Repo...
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Jailbroken iPhones can run Flash

Aug 9, 2010
You knew it was coming, right? The decision by the Library of Congress to allow jailbreaking of iPhones continues to have ramifications. Relatively...
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Suddenly everyone's talking about Blackberry!

Aug 3, 2010
In a smart phone world where iPhone and Android are Lennon and McCartney, Blackberry is George Harrison, hanging in the background, the quiet one. ...
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Apple delays white iPhone. Again.

Jul 23, 2010
First it was supposed to be ready for the June launch. Launch comes, no white iPhone. Then it was going to ship in July. Well, July's here. No...
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Apple to give out free bumpers

Jul 16, 2010
There has been no video of the big Apple announcement today but here's what it comes down to. Jobs said the issue with the antenna is one that...
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As the Apple press conference approaches...

Jul 16, 2010
there are reports that Steve Jobs was warned about the iPhone 4's antenna issues before the phone was released. Meanwhile, Senator Charles Schumer...
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The real Consumer Reports iPhone discovery: Another use for Duct tape

Jul 13, 2010
Product review juggernaut Consumer Reports this week came out with a bold stance on Apple's iPhone 4, warning readers that it would not recommend...
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Don't buy the iPhone 4, says Consumer Reports

Jul 12, 2010
Consumer Reports has reviewed the iPhone 4 and the news isn't good for Apple:...
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