Target date funds are popular

Sep 20, 2011
One part of the investing universe is growing rapidly: target date funds....
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Reports: UBS rogue trader dealt with exchange-traded funds

Sep 16, 2011
A trader at Swiss bank UBS is being accused of losing $2 billion in bad trades. And many fingers are pointing to complicated derivatives called exchange-traded funds.
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What to do with a windfall

Sep 8, 2011
Question: I recently lost my job and was given a severance package that included a payout of a third of my annual salary. Luckily, I was unemployed...
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Treasuries: Risk free or not?

Sep 1, 2011
One of the most important issues in personal finance is whether U.S. Treasuries are still risk-free securities....
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Percent v. dollar

Sep 1, 2011
Question: Why are changes in a stocks price often given in percents instead of dollars? Doesn't a person just really want to know how many dollars...
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Gold prices drop three days straight

Aug 25, 2011
As market volatility swirled for the last few weeks, one thing remained steady: the increasing value of gold. Now, the price has taken a nose dive.
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Borrow to own stocks?

Aug 19, 2011
Question: Facts: I have a stable job. My only debt is school debt that costs me approximately $200 per month. After expenses each month I am able...
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The message in the market is... what?

Aug 18, 2011
The stock market is taking another nosedive. Economists are cutting their global growth estimates. Investors worry that European banks aren't...
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Average Americans hang tight through market swings

Aug 17, 2011
LA Times Consumer Columnist David Lazarus breaks down how Americans have reacted to the market fluctuations and whether the downturn in 2008 changed the way we view volatility.
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The joys of repetition

Aug 15, 2011
Why this Monday is (and isn't) different than last Monday (and all Mondays before it)
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