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Seattle paper eyes Web-only future

Mar 6, 2009
The Seattle Post-Intelligencer is looking at becoming the nation's first metro newspaper to go Web-only next week. Its journalists are facing lower salaries and benefit cuts. Could this be a model for newspapers' survival? Mitchell Hartman reports.
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The blogosphere is angry over AIG

Mar 5, 2009
Many bloggers are expressing anger over the bailout of AIG and the vague consequences foreboding if taxpayers don't help. Bill Radke checks in with Marketplace online host Scott Jagow, who has gotten a bit angry about it himself.
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Lost for words? Try a web poet

Feb 12, 2009
After people kept asking Danielle McDonald to pen personalized poems, she thought she could make a little cash doing it. Spend a few bucks at and she'll craft a sonnet in your name. Sean Cole reports.
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FTC offering web marketing guidelines

Feb 12, 2009
The Federal Trade Commission is weighing in on the lack of regulation in online marketing amidst growing concern over what the industry does with personal information. But some are skeptical that self-regulation will work. Sam Eaton reports.
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Google energy app can generate profits

Feb 11, 2009
Google is developing a free Web service to help you track your home energy use in real time. Aside from helping consumers save on their electricity bill, Google could use the information to make money. Sam Eaton explains how.
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Can Amazon keep Kindle's fire going?

Feb 9, 2009
Today, is expected to announce a design upgrade for Kindle, its electronic book reader. But Google is set to compete -- the company recently made its e-book titles available for certain smart phones. Janet Babin reports.
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Personal finance bloggers check in

Feb 6, 2009
Tess Vigeland brings back three personal finance bloggers she talked to last fall to hear how they and their followers are now faring as economic conditions have worsened.
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Obama touts stimulus plan via e-mails

Feb 3, 2009
President Obama is trying to turn his successful online political campaign into a movement. He's sent millions of e-mails to supporters, asking them to gather and talk about the economic stimulus bill in Congress. Steve Henn reports.
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A helpful new tool for stimulus tracking

Feb 2, 2009
For anyone curious about where stimulus money is going, now has a tool that breaks down spending on dozens of recent federal initiatives. The site will be updated constantly. Danielle Karson reports.
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New Yahoo CEO is searching for profits

Jan 27, 2009
Yahoo needs to figure out a way to generate more revenue amidst a slashed advertising budget and thousands of new layoffs. New CEO Carol Bartz says the key is to capitalize on its search business. Janet Babin reports.
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